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Flight Procedure


General information

A hot air balloon always flies together with the wind. A pilot controls the balloon by regulating the altitude because the wind speed and direction change at different altitudes. Hence, the pilot can to some extent adjust the direction of the balloon by changing the altitude. 


Prior to each flight, we choose one of our take-off sites as a meeting place. All take-off sites are easy to find and access by car. The take-off place is confirmed at least 12 hours in before the flight. If you don’t have a car* of if you have ordered a VIP flight, we will pick you up from your hotel in the region. * There is an extra charge of 25 EUR / person for the pick-up service for non VIP flights.


Preparation of the balloon for the flight lasts about 30 minutes. Pilot instructs the passengers on how to behave in the balloon during the take-off, flight and landing. Passengers are welcome to take part in the preparation of the balloon for the flight.

The Flight

A hot air balloon usually flies at few hundred meters altitude, however it may climb up to 1 km or fly just a few meters above the ground.

Pictures and video

During a flight you are welcome to take pictures or videos. However, we recommend to have a bag for your camera which could protect it during landing. But we do pictures and we film our flights from the air and from the ground. Thus you can relax and enjoy the flight, we will do the rest. You can order a DVD with all the pictures, a slideshow and the video of your flight just for 30 euros.

The crew

A hot air balloon is always accompanied by a chase team and a car. During the flight a pilot keeps in contact with his crew. Hence, the crew knows where exactly the balloon is flying and is going to land. Our chase car reaches the landing site before or immediately after the landing.

After landing

The crew packs and loads the balloon into the chase car / trailer. All passengers are welcome to take part in the process.

Baptism ceremony

Passengers who flew for the first time are baptized according to old ballooning traditions. Passengers are given the “titles of dukes/duchesses”, baptizing names and first flight certificates. This is followed by a toast of aeronauts.


Chase car brings everyone back to a take-off site or a meeting place.


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