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How long does the flight last?
The flight lasts for about an hour. It may be a little longer or shorter due to the prevailing weather conditions or suitability of landing sites. All your flight experience will take from 3 to 4 hours.
What time does the hot air balloon fly?
The hot air balloon flies in the mornings and evenings. The exact launch time differs due to the sunrise and the sunset time. You will be informed about the launching time a day before the flight, or the day of the flight.
Where will the hot air balloon take off?
The best launching site is picked out after examining the weather conditions: wind speed, wind direction, cloudiness. The best take off place will be decided just before the flight. You will be informed about the exact take off and / or meeting site 24 hours before the flight.
Where will the hot air balloon land?
The balloon is dependant on the wind direction, that‘s why neither the pilot, nor the chasing crew is able to predict the landing place correctly. Even though, the pilot always try to make as accurate predictions as possible. Before the flight he will make a briefing and explain the situation to you, also he will inform you about the possible landing place. You don‘t have to worry about the landing site, because the chasing crew will take you back to the starting point with their car.
How high will we fly?
You will be flying up to 0.5 kilometre height. It‘s the best height to see the ground precisely. If the balloon climbs higher you will be able to see kilometres around. The balloon won‘t climb higher than 1 kilometre.
Can I fly during daytime?
No. It‘s unsafe to fly during daytime, because of the thermals (columns of rising air). The sun heats the ground which in turn heats the air above causing thermals. If a balloon gets into thermals pilot is unable to maintain the altitude of flying for some time. Day flights are possible only in non season time (October – March), when the temperature is lower, so these conditions are not likely to happen.
Can I take a camera?
Yes! We highly encourage you to take a camera with you. You will be able to make a lot of wonderful pictures from above. But don‘t forget to have a camera case with you in order to prevent damage during the launching and the landing. The camera is being cared at your own risk.
What should I wear?
Do not fancy up yourself, because you might get a little dirty. The clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for the time of the year. The temperature won‘t differ a lot in the air, so you don‘t have to take extra clothing. In summer time we suggest you to take a jacket, which you will be able leave at the chasing crew‘s car, because at the landing site there might be mosquitoes. We suggest sneakers as your footwear. In case it‘s wet we encourage you to take your rubber boots (Wellington boots) with you. We ask you not to wear designer brands, flip –flops and high heels.
Is hot air ballooning safe?
Yes, in fact it‘s the safest air transport. Hot air ballooning in France is regulated with strict safety guidelines. Our pilots are experienced and we make the best efforts to make sure your flight is safe.
What should I do if my flight gets cancelled?
Firstly, you shouldn‘t forget that flight was cancelled for your safety! If this happens, you must call to the office (+33 6 20 55 40 70) and book another date which fits you.
Are there any medical restrictions?
Yes, there are some restrictions. You must inform us in advance if you‘re pregnant, have a serious medical condition or have recently undergone a surgery. You should inform us about your medical condition while booking the flight. If your medical condition isn‘t very serious and your doctors lets, you might be able to fly. Also you can‘t fly if you‘re under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
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