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Flight Destinations

Flight Destinations

Hot air balloon flights take place in the Central region of France, in Touraine / Loire Valley (37 and 41 departements of France).

We have more than 15 take-off sites in the region. We have been flying hot air balloons in the Touraine region since 2004, thus we know the region very well.  In order to show you the beauty of the castles and the landscapes of the Loire Valley, we offer a variety of launch sites.

The exact take off place depends on your wishes and certain weather conditions (wind speed and direction), but it will be one of these shown below.


Destination map

Amboise - this is an Italian style city and one of the most beautiful cities in the Loire Valley. You will enjoy a spectacular view of the Château d'Amboise, the royal castle, the Clos-Lucé (where Leonardo da Vinci spent his last days), the Pagoda of Chanteloup and the fantastic views of the river during a balloon flight. .. More details
Azay-le-Rideau – has a magnificent Renaissance château, built on an island and partly surrounded by a moat. It is a building of great charm and elegance, erected between 1518 and 1529 by a financier who later had to flee the country and died in exile. It is now the property of the State and one of the most visited places in Loire valley… More details
Remains of the Bourbon Castle, the holy chapel is home to remarkable stained glass windows of Renaissance period. Chateau du Rivau (just 4 km from Champigny sur Veude) with its majestic keep and its protective drawbridge, seems to come straight out of a fairy tale. The castle’s gardens were directly inspired by medieval tales and folklore… More details
Château de Brou
Château de Brou- the authentic 15th century château is hidden in a 100-hectare park. Once inside, guests can discover this beautiful hotel, which combines a subtle mixture of the past and present, an oasis of poetry, calm, and luxurious comfort. The terroir cuisine mixes tradition and innovation, with a romantic setting that is perfect for a candlelit dinner... More details
Château de Coudray Montpensier
Built for the most part at the beginning of the 15th century, the Coudray-Montpensier castle nestles discreetly in the middle of the other architectural wonders of the Loire Valley. Located in the heart of the country of Rabelais, it is surrounded by large and beautiful French gardens ... More details
Château du Rivau
The Château du Rivau is a seigniorial fortress whose first foundations date back to the 13th century. Located in Touraine in the town of Lémeré in the French department of Indre-et-Loire, Rivau is one of the castles of the Loire and is the subject of classifications as historical monuments. The Rivau combines elements of medieval architecture, Renaissance architecture, and contemporary art ... More details
Chaumont sur Loire
The fortress of Chaumont-sur-Loire was built around the year 1000 to monitor the border between the counties of Blois and Anjou. Nowadays the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire has become an essential place in the field of art and gardens. The triple identity of the estate: heritage, art and gardening makes it a singular place in the circuit of the castles of the Loire. More details
Chateau de Chenonceau is the second most visited chateau in France behind the Royal Palace of Versailles in Versailles. The Castle was originally built in the early 1400s as a fortified residence. It is located in the middle of the river Cher, this made it easy to defend during times of war… More details
Chinon - it was in Chinon’s remarkable medieval fortress that Joan of Arc recognised a disguised Charles VII as the future king of France. Leaving its walls, the quaysides of the River Vienne lead to the medieval alleyways of Old Chinon, where visitors will be enchanted by the spirit of Rabelais and the renowned local wine… More details
L’ile Bouchard
L'ile Bouchard – in 1483 the king Louis II began the construction of the Saint-Maurice church, remarkable for its elegant bell tower. The choir of St. Giles Church dates from the same era. In 1493 the king Charles VIII came twice "in his beautiful city of L’ile-Bouchard". Finally, the mysterious castle of the Temple is best visible from the sky, flying in hot air balloon... More details
the origin of Montbazon is at the time Gallo-Roman, the rock mount which was to belong thereafter to certain Bazon was already a strengthened site. The castle of Montbazon whose remainders are visible our days, was built to start from 991 by Foulques Nerra the turbulent one and terrible Count d' Anjou. This castle was without any doubt one of the first castle in France… More details
because of its design as the "ideal city" of the seventeenth century, the town is the subject of protective measures for its architecture. The village was built at the order of Cardinal Richelieu, who had spent his youth there and bought the village of his ancestors. Although château de Richelieu was destroyed, it still has an unique architecture and gardens… More details
the Château de Saché is a stately home built from the converted remains of a feudal castle. It is situated in Saché, Indre-et-Loire, the heart of the French Touraine, in the valley of the river Indre. It was here, between 1830 and 1837, that the French writer Honoré de Balzac wrote some of his finest works in the series La Comédie Humaine, comprising nearly 90 novels, in which he attempted to reflect every aspect of French society at that time… More details
Sainte Maure de Touraine
South door of the Touraine, Sainte Maure is a city of famous goat cheese. You can see a covered market, a castle, rebuilt in the XV century on the ruins of Foulques Nerra’s fortress, a church of neogothic style, a crypt, and old church of Saint Mesmin and some other places of interest… More details
Chissay en Touraine
The Château de Chissay is a stone poem that is reborn to life. Former royal residence, in the shadow of the castle of Chenonceau, it is the ideal place to discover the surroundings of the wonderful Val de Loire. The park and surrounding woods are ideal for discovering in this sweet France the castles of Chambord, Blois, Amboise and Touraine ... More details
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