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Photo and video DVD / USB


DVD / USB with pictures, video and slideshow from of flight

Don't have your own camera? Batteries low? Don't worry, enjoy your flight and we will take care of the rest.

You can orded a DVD / USB key with all the pictures, slideshow and short video from your flight just for 30 euros. The DVD / USB key will delivered to you by post (or all the material by internet) within 2 weeks.

We make many photos by a proffesional camera during every flight. We know the surroundings and the best views. We know what and when to photograph. All the best shots of the castles and countryside are guaranteed. You will find also photos of you. Passengers are taken on camera before the flight (during the inflation), during the flight and after the flight (surelly, if they wish). 

In addition, every balloon flight is filmed by us every time. The preparation, take-off, flight itself and landing are filmed from the balloon and ground crew car by GoPro cameras. We have much of filmed material.

After every flight the pictures and filmed material is edited and a nice DVD / USB key with all the best photos, a slideshow and a short video is prepared. You will get it by post or, if you prefer, all the material will be sent to you by internet.

Please see here some examples of our flights DVDs...

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