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Valid from 1 February 2012


0.1. The Company "Air Magic Loire Valley” (commercial name "Touraine, Terre d'Envol") is approved by the Civil Aviation Authorities for the public transport of passengers by decree of 2 December, 1997. The Company has the Air Operator's Certificate No. F-O 051, issued by Direction Generale de l'Aviation Civile of France.
0.2. For carrying passengers the Company is subject to the conditions stipulated in the Warsaw Convention *.

1.1. Tickets for a hot air balloon flight may be ordered and purchased:
     - On-line at www.loire-et-montgolfiere.com or www.ballooning.fr ;
     - In the office of the Company at 24 Rue Rue Prés Gâteaux, 37800 Ste Catherine de Fierbois, France;
     - Ordered by phone tel. +33 (0)2 47 45 49 67, mob. +33 (0)6 20 55 40 70 and delivered by mail;
     - From the partners of the Company. The detailed list of partners may be found in www.ballooning.fr .
1.2. Tickets are valid one year after their purchase date, except the promotional and other tickets with exact validity specified separately.
1.3. Tickets are not personal. A ticket holder may pass the ticket to someone else as a gift or on any other basis. Anyway, these terms and conditions also applies to a new holder of the ticket.
1.4. Tickets are non–changeable, non-refundable, and valid for one person, except it is separately specified on the ticket or on the any leading document.
1.5. Any flight ticket issued by our company will be valid on the network Planete Balloon prior agreement from us and receipt of payment of the extension (80 euros per person). This extension does not apply for extension of validity of the flight ticket.
1.6. The ticket price includes:
     - Meeting at the launch site, preparation and inflation of the balloon;
     - The flight in a hot air balloon, starting in a take off site, which ischosen by the Company;
     - The “baptizing” ceremony according to the deep ballooning traditions;
     - First flight certificate;
     - Toast of the aeronauts;
     - Insurance of the passengers;
     - Passengers’ transportation back to the meeting point after the flight.
1.7. The price does not include:
     - Transportation to the appointed take off / meeting place and back from the take off / meeting place, except if it is a VIP flight or separately agreed with the Company;
     - Any accommodation, meals and drinks, except given by the Company after  the flight;
     - Reimbursement of the ticket due to illness, accident, delay or failure of the passenger


2.1. Children under 6 years are not accepted into a hot air balloon basket, except agreed separately with the Company.
2.2 Children from 6 to 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.
2.3. Company is not qualified to judge any passenger’s fitness for a balloon flight. Passengers having any  health problems or doubts should consult his / her doctor before a flight.
2.4. Passengers who are not allowed on hot air balloon board:
     - Anyone with a serious medical problem or just undergone surgery without a medical certificate from a doctor's approval;
     - Pregnant women;
     - Any person under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
     - Pet.
2.5. For people of reduced mobility, this activity is not recommended and in all cases is subject to prior authorization by the pilot before the flight.
2.6. It’s the responsibility of a passenger to correspond the official age and health requirement to the Company.


3.1. A flight may be booked:
     - on-line at www.loire-et-montgolfiere.com or www.ballooning.fr ;
     - in the office of the Company at 24 Rue Rue Prés Gâteaux, 37800 Ste Catherine de Fierbois;
     - by phone tel. +33 (0)2 47 45 49 67, mob. +33 (0)6 20 55 40 70;
     - by e-mail info@loire-et-montgolfiere.com or info@ballooning.fr;
     - by the partners of the Company. The detailed list of partners may be fount in www.ballooning.fr .
3.2. Any reservation must be confirmed by the Company by e-mail or SMS.
3.3. The exact time and place of appointment will be confirmed to Passenger by SMS 24 hours before the flight. It is a responsibility of the Passenger to confirm he / she will take part in the flight.
3.4. If weather is uncertain, the Company will warn the Passengers about the risk of cancellation by SMS. Any Passenger has a right to come to the flight on his / her own risk or reschedule the flight. This is the responsibility of a Passenger to confirm to the Company he /she comes or reschedules the flight by SMS or on the answering machine of the Company.
3.5. If a Passenger has not got information from the Company about the exact meeting time and place for a balloon flight, he / she is responsible to contact the Company and obtain the information.
3.6. If a Passenger does not cancel his / her flight according to these Terms & Conditions and do not appear for a balloon flight, his / her reservation is canceled and the flight ticket is considered as consumed.
3.7. Group from 10 people.  All reservations must be confirmed in writing (by e-mail). A deposit of the total amount of the benefit is required before the confirmation of the reservation (minimum 15 days before the flight). 
4.1. Hot air balloon flights are entirely dependent on weather conditions, so Company does not guarantee the flight will certainly take place exactly at the appointed time, place, direction, etc. Any flight may be cancelled by the pilot at any time before the flight or during the flight.
4.2. Minimum weather conditions required for a balloon flight are:
     - No precipitation;
     - Visibility more than 2 km;
     - Clouds higher than 1500 feet;
     - Wind speed on the surface more than 4 km/h (2 knots) and less than 18 km/h (10 knots);
     - No stormy conditions or pre-storm.
4.3. Average flight duration is 1 hour. For reasons of safety, regulation of air traffic, weather and any other restrictions, the pilot reserves the right to change the duration of flight, the launch site, the time of appointment.
4.4. No benefit will be refunded if the flight lasted a minimum of 30 minutes.
4.5. The flights are proceed under VFR (visual flight rules), as defined in the regulations of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation).

5.1. The company has a compulsory insurance for every passenger who is on board of the hot air balloon during their flight as it is required by Civil Aviation Authorities.
5.2. The cost of the insurance is included into the ticket price of each passenger.
5.3. The risks are covered in amounts comparable to those required by the Warsaw Convention, in terms of airline passengers.
5.4. Any objects taken by the passengers (cameras, phones, etc.), including clothes are not insured.  Passengers are responsible for their belongings themselves and they may take an additional insurance at their own expenses.
6.1. The Company is obliged to organize a hot air balloon flight for a passenger under the conditions set in a ticket and these Terms & Conditions.
6.2. The Company is obliged to obey standards and official regulation of Civil Aviation Authorities while organizing its activity.
6.3. The Company must inform Passengers about exact flight details (meeting place and time), also about the risk of cancellation no later than 24 hours before a flight by SMS.
6.4. The pilot has authority over all passengers on board. It may at any time deny boarding or disembark any person or cargo that may pose a threat to passenger safety and proper operation of the flight. It can abort the flight and land in advance for reasons of safety, aviation regulations, weather conditions or risk areas (forest, highway, school or any obstacles which may not fly).
6.5. The company reserves the right to subcontract other firms to change their aircraft and flying sites provided on the ticket in case of need or change in aviation regulations. 
7.1. A Passenger must book a flight in advance. Company has a right to refuse any passengers without reservations even if they have valid tickets.
7.2. Flight ticket is valid 12 months from the date of issue. Passengers are responsible to make a proper reservation and balloon flight within the terms of the ticket validity and these Terms & Conditions. Nobody has the right to board one of our balloons without being provided with a valid flight ticket.
7.3. If a Passenger did not get information about flight details (meeting time and place) from the Company 24 hours before the flight, he /she must contact the Company and get the flight information and confirm his / her attendance.
7.4. A Passenger must obey all instruction of the Company, the Pilot and his Crew during the preparation to the flight, entire the flight and transportation back to the meeting place.
7.5. During the preparation and the flight it is better to wear trousers, jacket or long-sleeved shirts (preferably from flameproof material), clunky shoes and have leather gloves. In mornings the grass is usually wet, therefore, rubber boots are more comfortable. In evenings at the landing place there can be many mosquitoes, therefore you would feel more comfortable wearing long-sleeved shirts. Preparing for the flight, during the flight or after landing you may get dirty, so do not smarten up. The basket of hot air balloons may be quite low, that’s why you should have a cap, which could protect you from the heat of burners.

8.1. The appointed pilot is authorized to make the decision whether to take off for a flight, to postpone the flight, to change the take off place or cancel the flight.
8.2. The Company reserves the right to cancel a flight or take-off due to bad weather conditions, unfavorable wind directions or technical incident involving security. The Company is not liable for any expenses incurred by customers in case of cancellation.
8.3. A Passenger must do a new reservation for other flight according to these Terms & Conditions.
8.4. A Passenger has a right to cancel or reschedule his / her flight no later than 7 days before the flight free of any charge. If canceled within 24 hours - 7 days before the flight, a Passenger may get a refund of 50 % of the ticket price. If canceled less than 24 hours or in case of any delay or non-presence on the day of the flight, the ticket will be considered as used and the Passenger will not get any refund.
8.5. A ticket is valid for 12 months from the date of issue, except the promotional and other tickets with exact validity specified separately. Tickets are non–changeable, non-refundable. The validity of a ticket may be prolonged by a Company under these conditions:
     - A Passenger proves his / her flight was canceled at least 6 times by the Company;
     - A Passenger has a ticket, valid longer than 12 months.
     - A Passenger has other agreement with the Company.

9.1. The tickets are valid for 12 months.
9.2 The tickets may be refunded if the flight was canceled by the Company at least 6 times. On receipt of a minimum of six flight tests during the validity period, the ticket will expire automatically.
9.3. The refund request must be sent by registered mail return receipt requested to:
          24 Rue Rue Prés Gâteaux,
         37800 Ste Catherine de Fierbois.
9.4. Only claims accompanied by the original "CAREFREE” flight tickets will be accepted.
9.5.  Exchange rate fluctuations for international payments are unavoidable. All monies refunded are in Euros, and will reflect the exchange rate in effect on the date of the refund. AIR MAGIC LOIRE VALLEY is not responsible for changes in exchange rates.


10.1. Any litigation, dispute, settlement failure or trouble of any kind on our services will be first of all subject of negotiation between a Passenger and the Company. If a Passenger fails to find a solution with the Company, he/ she may pass the claim to any legal institution according the Jurisdiction.
Notice: For passengers on the limitation of carrier's liability vis-à-vis passengers for death or personal injury is limited to a maximum amount set by the insurance carrier concerned. Additional protection can be obtained by purchasing insurance from an insurance company. For more information, please contact the Company or your insurance company.
Notice: limitation of liability for baggage or personal effects. The carrier or encounter any liability for fragile or valuable. More information can be obtained from the Company.
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